Tuesday, April 19, 2011


earlier today I was thinking about relationships. and I dont mean just relationships with a lover but also with family and friends. what makes a good relationship? it seems as though this question is getting tougher to answer. as humans we all feel the need to be connected and sometimes we would rather deal with toxic relationships than be alone. toxic relationships will hurt you and break you. I hope as you read this blog you dont find yourself in this situation. whether its with a lover, friend or family member breaking the chain might be extremely difficult but a must do.
first let me tell you...you cant change them...instead you must change the way you deal with them. how do you deal with them? I dont know the exact answer for each case is different. only you can decide.
1) the "belittler" - very simple...this is someone who constantly belittles you. they use the "im just kidding" line quite often. unfortunately, they are not kidding. in their eyes nothing you do is right and will continue to make fun of your efforts while never doing anything worthy of mention themselves.
2). Bad Temper Partner- we all have our good and bad days. none of us are always happy but this person will make you feel like you are walking on egg shells at all times. very unpredictable and will explode when you least expect it.
3). The guilt inducer - they will make you feel guilty for not doing what they want. if all else fails, turn on the tears!. this is a ploy a lot of women use to manipulate the situation. sad but true.
4) The over-dependent partner - you have to make all of the decisions for them. its like once you became their partner they forgot they had a mind of their own. being with someone who is over-dependent is a full time job!. by the way....being passive is an extremely powerful means of control. dont be fooled!
5). The possessive partner -extremely jealous..needs to let everyone one you belong to them...they eliminate your relationships with friends and sometimes even family. this is extremely unhealthy.
this is just my take on this type of personalities. none of this is factual...just my opinion...however, I do believe that someone who exhibits this type of behavior is extremely insecure and you are the bandage that covers the wound.